CTC Fife and Kinross is a member group of the national Cyclists Touring Club.

We organise rides, tours and events as well as sometimes getting involved in local campaigning.

Welcome to the CTC Fife & Kinross Web Site

We meet regularly throughout the year to enjoy cycling, not just in the local countryside, but also further afield depending on the enthusiasm of our members.

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We’re always pleased to see new members joining us on our runs so if you want to come along, please do get in touch no matter what your age, ability or experience.

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Latest News

Introductory Rides - Fife Cycling Festival - Summer of Cycling

Thursday 4th June sees the start of Fife’s Summer of Cycling. CTC Fife and Kinross are offering Introductory Rides as part of the festival.

If you are new to cycling, or haven’t been on your bike for a while, why not join us for a leisurely ride in good company? All rides will be gentle in pace, as flat as is possible in Fife, and a good way to explore the countryside. See our Introductory Rides Page for a list of upcoming rides and how to join up (free!)